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Scholarship Information
Basic Criteria to Apply for AIAC Scholarship
  1. Must be enrolled in a federal/state recognized Tribe for a minimum of three (3) years AND meet your Tribe‚Äôs internal qualifications.  [Some Tribes have additional requirements for you to compete for one of their scholarship allocations.  Check with your Tribe as their signature approving your application is required;                                         

  2. Must be an Alabama resident;

  3. Must attach proof of acceptance or current enrolment from the school you plan to attend (school must be located in the State of Alabama unless the courses needed are not offered in Alabama).

  4. Special consideration will be given to Nurse, Medical, Veterinary, and Pharmacy majors.  Due to the limited number of seats available in Alabama for these degrees, students who have applied for and failed to gain admissions into these programs in Alabama will be allowed to transfer their scholarships to out of state programs.  Proof of application and non-acceptance must be provided before the transfer will be approved.

2015 Scholarship Application.

The Scholarship Application for the school year beginning in the Fall of 2015 will be posted during the 1st full week of January.  Any adjustments to the above criteria presented by the scholarship committee and approved by a majority vote of the commission will also be updated and posted during that week.  Please check back for for specific details.

Tax deductible donations to the scholarship fund can be made by two means. Direct contributions can be made by check and sent to the AIAC office. The other method of contributing is by using the Alabama Tax Check-Off found on Alabama Tax Form AL 40. Using this tax check-off is the most convenient way of assisting this scholarship fund.

Inter-Tribal Council of Alabama provides educational assistance

The PhD Project: Business Doctoral Programs for Minorities

Alabama Indian Education Coordinators


Other Resources