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Due to the recently mandated budget cuts for all Alabama Government state agencies AIAC will now have only one (1) operational voice telephone line, 334-242-2831. We will attempt to keep the time of telephone calls down to less than 15 minutes per call.  The best manner to discuss, at length, an issue will be via email, aiac@att.net.  The agency realizes that some may not have access to the internet, so in that case sending us a letter will be the best approach.  If you have an issue(s) that you need to speak to us about you will have to persevere in getting through on the telephone. 

Events posted on this website are made on the behalf of the nine (9) state and/or federally-recognized Indian tribes in the state of Alabama. These events are in keeping with the historical, cultural, social, and educational programs hosted or sponsored by the tribe. This posting in no form or fashion constitutes nor implies endorsement or sanction by the Alabama Indian Affairs Commission or the Great State of Alabama. Questions/comments should be directed to aiac@att.net